Blooms Galore: Top Wedding Floral Trends

Fresh, fragrant and naturally beautiful, decorative flowers can serve as a major design element throughout a wedding, from the ceremony to the reception and celebrations thereafter. Thoughtfully-placed florals can tell a story with color and texture to represent your wedding’s theme through large and small elements, including aisle and altar arrangements, bridesmaid bouquets and groomsmen boutonnieres, reception table centerpieces, and more. Here, some expert wedding florists share tips and tricks of the trade on how to incorporate creative floral design to bring your wedding dream to life and what’s currently trending.

Blending In

With a significant clientele of destination brides coming to Arizona, The Wild Flower AZ takes the unique flora and fauna of the southwest as  inspiration to craft beautiful desert-inspired arrangements made up of delicate flowers grouped into artistic presentations.

Nicole and Selena of The Wild Flower AZ are a mother-daughter duo who specialize in bespoke weddings and event floral design. Organic, garden-inspired flowers combine with intentional  moments that are personalized and customized for each couple. Their goal is to make the vision of your dream wedding come to life through the art of flowers.

Tip: Get creative

“We use fun colors, flowers with scent, unexpected shapes, designs with varying levels of placement, fun pops of light, the addition of foraged local flora and interesting props to create a personalized and detailed design custom tailored to each client.”

— Inessa Nichols, founder & creative director, Inessa Nichols Design

Inessa Nichols Design is a Southern California-based floral company that specializes in one-of-a-kind event and wedding floral design inspired by Dutch Masters still life paintings combined with a modern twist. They have had the pleasure of creating beautiful floral designs for weddings and events throughout the west coast from Washington and Oregon to all over California.

Tip: Against the grain

“While almost every wedding has flowers present, an artistic designer can create something special for you that your guests haven’t seen before. By bringing in really unusual varietals, or a sophisticated and unusual color palette, or sculptural composition, a great florist will naturally make your wedding feel more special and beautiful.”

— Megan Gray, founder and creative director, Honey & Poppies

Honey & Poppies is a Southern California floral design studio that focuses exclusively on custom creations for weddings and larger events. Founded by Megan Gray, Honey & Poppies tailors everything to the aesthetic of each individual client with a signature style that’s sculptural and textural, and refined but a little bit undone, where floral design meets fine art.

Tip: Mixed materials

Beyond traditional wedding flowers like roses, tulips or calla lilies, LA-based floral design studio The Little Branch has been seeing a lot of different materials integrated into wedding floral arrangements, such as tropical and dried flowers, pampas grass, mixed metallic paints, and even ceramics.

Photo: Brooke Borough Photography

Founded by Megan McCarter in 2008, The Little Branch is a full-service Los Angeles-based floral studio that specializes in one-of-a-kind, forward-thinking, and creative designs from bouquets to centerpieces to large-scale installations.

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  1. I really love the “little branch “ florals . The stunning use of pastels and the unique blend of other materials always stand out as very unique and very beautiful .

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