Dream Dress: Tomo Koizumi for Treat Maison Will Transport You to Candyland

Japanese dress designer Tomo Koizumi recently released an exclusive wedding dress capsule collection as part of his spring 2021 collection.

A collaboration with Japanese bridal boutique Treat Maison, the 8-piece selection pairs classic Japanese design elements with traditional Western silhouettes.

The result: Frilly, flowing gowns frothing with Koizumi’s signature colorful tulle that are almost akin to an airy, gossamery merengue.

“I was interested in looking at the history of wedding dressing in Japan and I wanted to challenge myself in a new field. Collaborating with TREAT on a bridal line was a natural fit for this exploration,” Koizumi said in a press release. “In my experience, truly good things can be appreciated regardless of nationality, gender, age, industry, religion or any other boundary, and I wanted to bring that to the wedding industry in Japan and worldwide.”

—Tomo Koizumi

See some of the ethereal looks below—

Images: @tomokoizumi

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