Forever After: Wedding Videography Tips From The Good Vibe Media

Finding a great wedding photographer goes hand-in-hand with choosing an equally fantastic wedding videographer. This is especially key if you’re planning a wedding during the COVID-19 pandemic, where you’re more than likely to host a virtual or micro wedding rather than a large gathering.

We caught up with Carly Gilleland, founder of The Good Vibe Media, a Phoenix-based, female-led video production company, about how to create lasting memories through innovative videography from “I Do” to happily ever after.

Carly Gilleland, founder of The Good Vibe Media

Please tell us a little bit about you and The Good Vibe Media—
We are a proud female-powered and owned video production company. We specialize in producing high-quality videos for weddings, events, and brands.

My interest in video production was sparked in high school. I did a video project honoring my special needs sister. I got such a high using my creativity to tell stories and motivate people. After graduating with my degree in Film and Media Studies, I dove into freelance work. Shortly after that, I had my baby girl.

As a single mom, I knew I had to hustle hard to create the foundation of the life I wanted to provide for my daughter and me. After four years of freelance work, portfolio building, and networking, I built my Good Vibe team and haven’t looked back since!

How have you seen your wedding videography services adapt in the midst of COVID-19?
Aside from offering virtual streaming, our services have not changed much. But we have noticed that there has been much more of a demand and appreciation for our work. In times of uncertainty, people cling to good memories and moments. We can capture and preserve the precious memories to share with others who may not be able to attend in person, and it is truly so special to us.

Videography has always been an important way of capturing a couple’s special day. Some would say it’s now more key than ever before. Would you agree and why?
Absolutely, 100%. The photos are incredible, and you will cherish those forever, but in a different way than video. To be able to hear your vows, toast, your mother’s laugh, or uncle’s dance moves. There is no better way to reminisce on the memories than with your very own wedding film.

What should couples expect from a wedding videographer now, during these challenging times, and always?
Speaking for our team, we take pride in offering our wedding film services in a safe and comfortable environment. We do this with our implemented COVID-19 protocol. When filming, we all wear masks and sanitize all gear and equipment before, during, and after use. We also enforce a “fly on the wall” approach when capturing these special moments. The lenses we use allow us to capture close shots from a safe distance. This stylistic approach is also great for documenting the real and raw emotions of the day.

What advice would you give to those who have either had to postpone their wedding or are planning to get hitched soon in a virtual or micro wedding?
Number one tip, stay focused on your love. At the end of the day, your wedding is about celebrating this incredible new chapter in your love story and life—and that’s it! Whatever you choose is the best choice for the two of you, and know that is all that matters. The beautiful part about a wedding film or virtually streaming is that you seize fleeting moments through timeless methods. And you can share the precious moments with all your loved ones as if they were there celebrating in person with you!

Please feel free to add anything else. Thank you!
If you are planning a wedding or special event, we would love to chat with you! You can view our work at or by following us @thegoodvibemedia on Instagram.

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