While finding the perfect wedding dress is an absolute must, you shouldn’t forget about what else you’ll be wearing during the rest of the celebrations. Whether it’s the rehearsal dinner, the morning after, or a destination wedding that requires multiple outfit changes, having a personal stylist for your big day will remove any guesswork to ensure that you’re picture perfect for each occasion. Introducing Over The Moon, an inspirational wedding-focused website founded by current and former Vogue editors that also consults brides and wedding parties on what to wear over the course of a wedding weekend to honeymoon packing. We caught up with Over The Moon Co-founder and Vogue Contributing Editor Alexandra Macon to learn more about how wedding styling services will have you and your bridal party dressed to the nine. 

A wedding look styled by Over The Moon. Photo: Christian Oth

Tell us a little bit about Over the Moon.
AM: Over the Moon is a destination for modern, fashionable and fun wedding inspiration. We feature aspirational yet relatable real weddings—the kind you frequently find yourself stalking on Instagram—alongside informative planning advice, shopping guides, health and fitness tips, personal essays and travel ideas. From the latest dress trends to celebrity engagements and weddings, relevant etiquette questions, and all of the décor and inspiration ideas you could ever want, Over the Moon is the go-to source for every person getting ready to take the plunge. We also have an online shop! Launched a little over a year ago, the shop is where we feature collaborations we’ve done as well as a curated collection of products we love. 

What is the wedding styling service you offer and how does it work?
AM: To begin, we start with a call to talk about exactly what the client is hoping for. Once we have all of the information we need, we start putting together look options for everyone being styled including accessories and undergarments, if necessary. When selecting options, we always draw upon our knowledge of the collections and what’s coming out soon before it’s even in stores, and we work to make sure whatever we’re choosing doesn’t already feel too “seen” on social media. We want the grouping of looks to feel unique and special, curated, but not overly styled. If handling the bridesmaids’ looks, we’ll coordinate with the group to take care of all ordering, payment and shipping to ensure everyone gets their dresses in a timely fashion, so the client doesn’t have to worry about it. We provide discounts when we can and go back and forth with the client until we’ve found something she loves for herself and/or her friends. 

Over The Moon styled Leigh Winters for her honeymoon in the South of France. Photo: Instagram @overthemoon

What about outfit planning for an engagement, honeymoon or other wedding-related event?
AM: We do all of this as well—we love curating every aspect of the wedding wardrobe whenever possible.

In your experience, what trends are modern brides looking for in wedding fashion? Does the digital realm and Instagram play a part in bridal fashion choices?
AM: Instagram plays a huge role—especially when it comes to bridal parties. Clients often reference weddings they’ve seen on either Over the Moon or Vogue.com, saying that they want something like that but with a slightly different spin on it. These visual references are incredibly helpful and mean we can talk in a short-hand, which makes working together a dream! 

How do we sign up?
AM: Email info@overthemoon.com

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