Love Me Not: These Honeymoon Destinations Lead to the Most Divorces

The Maldives are well known for its crystal clear waters, but maybe you should rethink this popular destination for your honeymoon.

Is the thought of planning your honeymoon getting you through these tough, unprecedented times? You’re not alone, as 27,000 Google searches are made globally each month for honeymoon destinations!

But where should you avoid? Which of these popular honeymoon destinations were most common among now divorced couples?

Nairobi is a safe bet for a honeymoon destination, according to the survey. sought to find out. They surveyed 3,100 divorced or separated people from around the world to find out where they went on their honeymoon. The results were intriguing.

The survey found that the Maldives tops the list, with 20% (620) of divorcees visiting the island for their honeymoon.

The safest honeymo Nairobi, Maui, Napa Valley and Bangkok are the safest bet to maintain marriage;  all only having 1% (31) ending in divorces

Check out the full list below—

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