We caught up with photographer Abby Stevens about all things wedding photography. Below, Abby shares some of her favorite wedding snaps she’s taken so far as well as her biggest tip to look out for when booking a wedding photographer.

Please tell us a little bit about you—
AS: I grew up in Iowa and moved out to Arizona to go to ASU, where I graduated with a degree in Marketing from W.P. Carey. I had no plans to start my own business at the age of 22 but all of a sudden I started getting a ton of inquires from clients wanting to book me as their photographer. At the time I was just doing photography as a hobby, so I quit my miserable full time job and put everything into my photography. I absolutely love being a wedding photographer, I love that I get to capture one of the best moments of someone’s life. And being completely honest, I always cry at weddings, even when I am behind the camera. So embarrassing, but its such a special moment I cant help myself.

In addition to AZ weddings, do you photograph destination weddings?
AS: The majority of weddings I photograph are in Arizona, but I have been to Iowa, Kansas, and Colorado to shoot weddings! I love traveling, so booking destination weddings is the best!

Do you have any tips or advice to consider when booking a wedding photographer?
AS: My biggest tip when booking a wedding photographer is making sure you can connect with the photographer. Feeling relaxed and having fun makes being in front of the camera a million times easier.

How people can best contact you—
AS: You can contact me on my Instagram @abbystevensphotography, website abbystevensphotography.com or email abbystevensphotography@gmail.com

All photos: Abby Stevens Photography

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