Sky High:What You Should Know Before Planning a Destination Wedding in 2022

Destination weddings are in high demand in 2022 as countries and resorts lift some COVID restrictions. The previous year forced many couples to cancel or reschedule their destination wedding plans and now couples are looking to get their friends and family together for their dream wedding. With that in mind, there are a few things you should think of before you schedule a destination wedding in 2022. The high demand and unique time we live in can make planning a destination wedding a little more difficult than it was in the past, but it is not impossible. Resorts & destinations are eager to welcome you and your guests and assist you in having the destination wedding you have dreamed of!

Be flexible with dates and rooms

The floodgates are open for destination weddings in 2022 and high demand means you have to be flexible with your plans. Resorts are working with many rescheduled events and those more popular dates, like Valentine’s Day, the week surrounding, or a holiday weekend are most likely already booked. Be flexible. I would recommend looking at dates later in 2022 or a 2023 date if you want the most opportunity at booking a weekend date. Also, consider a weekday wedding. There will be more availability with those and the end result will be the same.    

If you need to book a block of rooms for your guests, you may need to look father out, based on guest list size and current availability. If you are looking at a large room block, I do recommend looking a little father out to increase your chances of securing those rooms. Many hotels are still running at limited occupancy so if you are looking to have a large guest list, room availability in early to mid-2022 may already be booked out but if you look farther out, more options open up for you. There are a couple ways to manage a group block and if you are working with a travel agent, they will help you navigate that and help you find the best options for you and your guests.  

Know the COVID rules and restrictions

COVID-19 has unfortunately made traveling and planning weddings more difficult. No one has to like it but it is important to understand the reality. Before you jet set off to your dream destination wedding it is important you understand the requirements of the country you are traveling to and the resort you are staying in.

Talk to your fiancé regarding vaccines. Consider your wedding guests. Are you open to vaccination? There are countries and resorts accepting unvaccinated travelers, but it is limited, and the rules are changing constantly. It is an important, much needed, discussion. Just because a country does not require vaccines today does not mean they won’t do so later. I have had to make new plans for clients after COVID requirements in a country changed.  

Educate yourself on your destinations COVID rules so there are no surprises when it is time to enter the country.

Be patient with resort wedding coordinators

Every resort that does weddings will assign you a wedding coordinator. It is important that you be patient with them. Resorts are dealing with an overload of couples looking to get married after COVID canceled their original plans. Resort wedding coordinators really start working with you, the couple, three months out from your wedding date. Their priority are the couples on property and the wedding events happening that week and assisting the couples within that three-month window. Does that mean they will not get back to you? No. If your wedding date is father out and you have a few questions, ask them, but be patient on response. It IS important to get your wedding date confirmed as soon as possible because date and venue availability at a resort is based on first come first serve. Be patient with them and they will come through for you.

Work with a travel agent to lighten the planning load

Working with a travel agent is a huge benefit to anyone looking to plan a destination wedding. A travel agent will help you find that perfect location, help you secure the wedding date and connect you with the resort wedding coordinator. They assist with room blocks and group contracts. They are your support.

A travel agent will also keep you up to date on COVID rules, send out travel information and work with your guest on travel plans or issues. The only thing a couple should be focused on is getting married. A travel agent can help you deal with a lot of the noise.

Destinations weddings are more difficult to plan than they were in the past but follow these steps and you will book your dream destination wedding.

Tamara Lidbom

Tamara Lidbom is the Owner and Travel Advisor for Anytime Travel Agency in Peoria Arizona. Anytime Travel Agency is a full-service travel agency specializing in vacation packages, destination weddings, honeymoons, romantic getaways, cruises, and tours. The team at Anytime Travel Agency works with you to build your dream trip. 

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